Thursday, October 22, 2009

Plate Stuff!

Hello there all you bloggers! Just wanted to share a strange discovery. The other day, I had been to my aunt's place for a function, followed by lunch of course. The lunch was delicious, but before that, I discovered, that a large round stainless steel plate being used at the function/ceremony was one that had been used by Gandhiji!!! The story is like this: my aunt lived in Sevalaya, Gujarat, many many many years ago. By then, India was independent, Gandhiji had died, and yes, I was a toddler. Her neighbour was a gentleman called V. Kalyanaraman, who had been Gandhiji's secretary. I don't know why, but he presented my aunt with this plate saying that Gandhiji used to eat off it. Wow! And all these years she didn't breathe a word to me about it! Hmmmfff!

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