Friday, October 9, 2009

Gandhiji in Turiya's words

About Gandhiji

What Gandhiji said:- Be simple, be truthful, wear khadi clothes.

I also follow a little. I try to be simple. I think I know why Gandhiji said to be simple:- because if the rich wear expensive clothes the poor will not have clothes to wear.
And in winters the rich will be nicely snuggled in the beds and watching T.V. At the same time the poor people will be shivering with cold and have nothing to cover them. And they have nothing to eat!

That is why Gandhiji said that my sisters have only a blanket to wrap themselves; why should I wear nice turbans and look tip-top!!!? I will wear a short dhoti. Whenever I am going out I will wear a shawl.

My mother tells me to wear simple khadi clothes. But sometimes I like to have nice, pretty dresses! My friends make fun of me and tease me. They don't understand Gandhiji.

Gandhiji told us to wear khadi clothes because poor people are only spinning the clothes and weaving the clothes. If they do that they will earn money by selling them.

But it is not simple to be like Gandhiji! We will want a lot of things. But........

The end.
Done by Turiya. K

Gandhiji ki Jai!

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  1. True. We need to be like Gandhiji. Gandhiji ki